Vad gör en fotbollsspelare framgångsrik?

Datum: 22 november 2023
Tid: kl 12.15-13.00.

Vad gör en fotbollsspelare framgångsrik på planen?

Hur kan neurokognitiva tester i kombination med prestationsanalys skapa rätt förutsättningar för spelare att nå den fulla potentialen fotbollsmässigt. PlaymakerAI bjuder tillsammans med vår samarbetspartner Capacio in till ett webinar om hur avancerad hjärnforskning kan hjälpa spelare att nå sin fulla potential. Du kommer också få en presentation av vår nya produkt –  som kombinerar neurokognitiva tester med prestationsmätningar.

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Webinar: Vad gör en fotbollsspelare framgångsrik?

Unlock the Power of Brain-Based (Self)Leadership

Embark on a transformative journey with our online course, “Brain-Based (Self)Leadership”. Commencing on November 22, this course is your gateway to enhancing self-leadership, a cornerstone of effective leadership.

In today’s dynamic working environment and society, the demand for superior self-awareness has never been more critical. Your brain, the command center of your actions and decisions, plays a pivotal role in self-leadership. Understanding your brain is the key to unlocking your full potential.

This course offers a unique opportunity to delve deep into the inner workings of your brain and gain insights into how it impacts your actions, decisions, and interactions. The knowledge you acquire can be applied both in your personal and professional life, enabling you to make more informed choices and adapt effectively to various circumstances.

Over six weeks, you will immerse yourself in the cutting-edge realms of modern brain research and behavioral science. Learn directly from world-renowned experts, gaining a profound understanding of your own cognitive profile and how it influences your behavior.

As a bonus, our course includes a comprehensive profiling test, which maps your unique cognitive profile. This invaluable tool will serve as a foundation for your ongoing learning and exploration, empowering you to thrive in both your personal and professional spheres.

By enrolling in “Brain-Based (Self)Leadership,” you are investing in your future. Expect enhanced leadership skills, increased workplace success, stronger relationships and collaborations, and an overall boost to your balance and well-being in life.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your leadership to new heights.
Join us on November 22 and embark on your journey to brain-based self-leadership. Your brain, your guide!

Short online course: Understand Your Brain

Capacio, one of the Life Science Inspirators at Lindholmen Open Day

Capacio is excited to announce our participation in the annual Lindholmen Open Day event, where we will be discussing how to “Unlock People’s Potential with Data Analytics and Brain Science” alongside our esteemed business partner, Sigma Technology. This event, hosted at Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg, is a unique opportunity to explore the innovative and collaborative initiatives flourishing within the Science Park’s vibrant community.

Innovative Power for Sweden

This year’s theme, “Innovative Power for Sweden,” perfectly encapsulates the groundbreaking work we have undertaken in collaboration with Sigma Technology this spring. Our project was selected as one of the participants in this year’s edition of the SAS Institute’s global Hackathon, where we set out with a mission to digitize the psychological process. This journey encompasses every stage from measurement and profiling to feedback and practical application.

At the core of our endeavor is the application of advanced data analysis and visualization techniques to the realms of cognitive neuroscience and evidence-based measurement tools. Capacio’s primary aim is to foster a profound understanding of how individuals dynamically function, tapping into their hitherto invisible, innate abilities, talents, and potential.

Performance Profiles

Our broader objective is to craft easily comprehensible and invaluable behavior and performance profiles. These profiles will serve as powerful tools for companies, organizations, and recruiters, facilitating the identification of the perfect match for various roles. This transformative process ensures precision in team building, collaboration, and leadership, aligning the right individuals with the right positions under the optimal conditions.

Our partnership with the advanced analytics team has yielded remarkable results, enabling us to extract predictable behaviors from the data.

Join us at Lindholmen Day

If you’re eager to learn more about our exciting work and witness the intersection of data analytics and brain science in action, we invite you to join us at the Lindholmen Open Day. For detailed information on the event and how to attend, please visit the following link: Lindholmen Open Day Event Details.

About Lindholmen Science Park:

Lindholmen Science Park is not just a dynamic area but also a collaborative platform without geographical boundaries. It serves as the driving force behind numerous cutting-edge development projects in Sweden, with a particular focus on shaping the future of mobility. Lindholmen Science Park AB is collectively owned by Chalmers University of Technology, the City of Gothenburg, and the business community. Over the past 20 years, these stakeholders have invested extensively and purposefully, nurturing a modern and inspiring innovation environment that supports some of Sweden’s most significant development projects.

The Paradigm Shift - Due diligence with the NeuroCognitive Performance Tests

As an investor, would you invest in an A-team with a B-idea? Or a B-team with an A-idea? Most investors would undoubtedly answer A-team. But how do you identify them?

In your investment due diligence, you want to do due diligence not just on the company, the business plan, and the technology but also on the founders and the founding team. However, the diligence process for founders has room for improvement. 

Here, we’ll explore the factors contributing to this failure and demonstrate how contemporary neuroscience can aid investors in identifying and cultivating self-reflective entrepreneurs with a growth mentality, using the NeuroCognitive Performance Test as due diligence for founders.

Due Diligence of founders = understanding of the individual

In selection procedures, the essence lies in comprehending individuals’ thought processes, behavior, and performance in diverse situations. Investors frequently face lofty expectations, limited conditions, and a constantly changing environment when assessing founders and teams. These factors collectively contribute to the investment decision being particularly demanding.

Evaluation processes fail – drastically!

Let’s look at recruitment as a benchmark for the founder’s diligence.

Research indicates that about 50 % of new hires fail within 18 months (Harvard Business Review). Add to that, that only 19 % of new employees achieve unequivocal success (according to Leadership IQ). The challenge is enormous. Gallup shows that companies miss the mark on high managerial talent in 82% of their hiring decisions and that managers account for 70% of the variance in employee engagement. And up to date, the test used is the traditional psychological test in recruitment.

As founders also are leaders, this tells us something about the challenge of founder diligence. It is hard to predict behavior and performance!

Why do HR diligence processes fail? 

Understanding and predicting people’s behavior and performance is challenging. And more so than ever in a fast and ever-changing world, where increasing flexibility and adaption are required. Today’s diligence process is biased due to the not sharp enough tools, meaning we must rely on past performance and subjective judgment in evaluations, whether in recruitment or investments. The result? The above facts show a biased process with a staggering 50 % – 20 % hit rate.

There are clear challenges with current tests

Psychological testing is the best there is to assess behavior, and traditional tests are what is available on the market. But there are clear challenges. Today, evaluation processes use personality tests, logic tests, and frameworks that only partially capture a person’s inherent capacity and potential to develop. The problem with traditional tests is that they only give partial answers. In the absence of sharper and complementary tests, there is a tendency among users to overinterpret these results or to use them in a biased way. Let´s examine the major challenges:

  • There is a general lack of knowledge and interest among the users. This opens for misuse and misinterpretations. And leads to a utilization rate that is too low.
  • There is a plethora of suppliers using excessive marketing and unrealistic promises. This fact marries poorly with a lack of understanding.
  • There is a clear lack of relevance in the traditional measurements – The need is to understand how individuals function, but current tests measure how individuals function on a group level, which is not necessarily the same as a specific individual. Thus, there remains the need to measure and explain functioning on an individual level with stronger evidence.
  • Traditional tests consist of static, unspecific, and insensitive metrics – Current measures tell us something about observable behavior and a limited number of traits on a high level. In normal situations, when things don’t change. It is a start and gives a hint, but it is a poor representation of reality.

The need is to complement these with more specific and sensitive metrics on an individual level and capture the dynamics inside and outside the individual. And that is sensitive and can shed light on the constant changes in behavior due to this dynamic. Then, we can start to understand actual behavior.

The overall result of the above is decisions that are based on partial, sometimes incorrect data and thus tend to be highly subjective and biased, exactly what can be seen in global studies on the topic

Personality and logic tests – a start but by no means enough.

Personality tests are questionnaires capturing an individual’s view of themselves. Globally, there are over 2,500 different personality tests. The predictive validity is low, even when using the most researched model or framework, the Big Five because it is subjective and meant to understand groups of people rather than individuals. 

Logic tests, aptitude or problem-solving tests, are a small part of larger IQ batteries. State of the art is WAIS-IV from Pearson. Intelligence tests are cognitive tests developed to assess people’s ability to perform in academic studies. They measure the ability to “solve the same types of specific problems in a non-changing environment.” That is not the reality of today, where constant change is a fact.

Paradigm shift: Cognitive Neuroscience in the service of investors and optimized talent management

Cognitive Neuroscience developed as a branch of research due to the existing psychological assessments, i.e., often used in today’s evaluation of founders and candidates, were insufficient to explain behavior and function. 

The one simple explanation is that the brain is central to understanding behavior, and the tools to assess brain function and information processing in relation to behavior still need to be developed. 

Since the start, and especially in the last 30 years, development in Cognitive Neuroscience has sky-rocketed but, oddly enough, remained in academies and psychiatric clinics as very sharp tools to understand how people think, adapt, create, decide, solve problems, and act. From there, make more precise analyses and decisions on best supporting patients with challenges to optimize their lives and functioning. 

Now, these tools have been validated and proven to work in the market of Talent Management, focusing on contexts of “functioning,” i.e., not to detect challenges but also strengths, capacity, and potential. 

The NeuroCognitive Performance Tests are used to judge who is optimal for different assignments or roles. And how to support and develop individuals, leaders, and teams to function and perform optimally. Perfect for investors, leaders, and HR. 

Sharper Due Diligence of Founders before Investing

Deep Level Evaluation of the Founder’s executive abilities before investing

Evaluating founders and the management teams is crucial in the Due Diligence process. Most investors agree that the driving force behind a company’s success lies in the strength and abilities of the founding team.

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NeuroCognitive Performance test adds crucial insights when evaluating founders

To understand if a founder has what it takes to succeed across different tasks and contexts, you must assess their executive capacity with NeuroCognitive Performance Tests, which means understanding the executive functioning of the individual.

The Digital assessments based on Cognitive Neuroscience are the missing piece in evaluating founders, teams, talents, and any activity involving people or organizations.

How do VC and investors perform Due Diligence of Founders?

Top VC funds/companies have different methods and strategies for assessing the founders. The evaluation is often a mix of observations, interviews, and traditional psychological tests. Some more advanced VCs work with organizational psychologists.

Why traditional psychological test lack precision?

Traditional psychological testing is mainly built upon personality questionnaires and logic tests. Capturing an individual’s subjective view of herself. And a small part of cognition testing the ability to solve one kind of problem in an unchanged environment. Research shows that traditional tests have a measurement precision of about 20 – 50%. Read the latest meta study on validity in personnel selection by Sackett, P. R., Zhang, C., Berry, C. M., & Lievens, F. (2021).

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Improve your predictive power of individuals and teams.

Enhance your insights and predictive power by combining your current methods of evaluating founders with Cognitive Neuroscience. It gives a sharper, more precise base for insights into the due diligence process. It will give you a 30 % higher precision than with current assessments.

Cognitive Neuroscience is how the brain’s information processing generates thoughts, feelings, and a basis for decision-making.

This decides how people perform and function in specific tasks and environments. NeuroCognitive Performance tests has a precision of 70% – 90% in measuring cognitive capacity, according to multiple studies  over time. (MSU, Bird et al 2003, Williams et al 2005, Lemay et al 2010, Wechsler 2008)

Capacio Talent

Retooling the missing piece in the Due Diligence process

The First NeuroCognitive Performance Test for investors and VC funds.

Capacio’s digital assessment measure the capacity of crucial cognitive abilities introducing time pressure and complexity levels in various tasks and problems that constantly change. Just like reality. They also tell us about the performance patterns in various day-to-day activities.

Capacio is an evidence-based brain assessment with data-driven AI tools and backed by leading cognitive and behavioral experts. The HR teams at HM, Volvo, and Klarna use it to help them more precisely understand the capabilities, talents, and potential of their candidates and employees.

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Capacio Talent´s Features

Mobile NeuroCognitive performance tests

Finish the eight test in either a single 45-minute session or four separate 10-minute rounds.

Individual playlist for self development

A full profile report includes all available results. Personalized video tutorial for both user and candidate

User-Friendly Assessment Portal

Dashboard – Aggregated view of all tested individuals, Easy to sort, filter and match. Easy to share reports.

Enhanced Personality++ Test

Easier to interpret. Includes empathy, social style, impulsivity and emotional regulation.

Free trial

Anyone can sign up and try the tool. Book a time with our customer success to walk through the tool and the result.

Try It Now
SaaS Plattform

Faster and easier to use than ever before. Select assissments based on your needs. Flexible price model.

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Expert Advisory

People are dynamic and complex. An expert adds several layers of information and facilitates decision making.

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Coming Up

A Cognitive Team Application

Adding unique and valuable insights into team functioning. In terms of cognition, behavior and performance. Strengths and weaknesses in relation to targets and challenges. Awareness of oneself and other’s ability and capacity and much more. Keep an eye out and give us a call if you want to be an early adopter.

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Cognitive Tribe

The Cognitive Tribe

A podcast initiative by Capacio

“The Cognitive Tribe” is the brainchild of Capacio CEO & co-founder Anders Norén, and former school leader of the year, Hans Jakobsson. The idea is to explore the power of cognition in an informative, fun, and personal way by talking to leading experts in the area as well as interesting people with a brain and an interest in cognition.. Our motto is “Without our brains, we are just a piece of meat.”

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Lean methodology combined with cognitive strengths and weaknesses is the recipe for success at Vardagsfrid

Lean methodology combined with cognitive strengths and weaknesses is the recipe for success at Vardagsfrid

Meet Torkel Kristoffers, the CEO of Vardagsfrid, in an interview about sustainable business practices that encompass both cleaning with alkaline water and sustainable personal development.

Torkel Kristoffers, CEO of Vardagsfrid, has extensive experience in driving growth in various industries, often in companies seeking to bring about change in their respective sectors. Since 2012, he has been focused on transforming the cleaning industry through Vardagsfrid.

In addition to being a rapidly growing cleaning company with a clear environmental profile, Vardagsfrid is an integration project aimed at creating favorable conditions for people with diverse backgrounds, including newcomers to Sweden, to become integrated into Swedish society. For most of their employees, it means having their first decent job in Sweden, where they have the opportunity to speak Swedish, work in a unionized environment, and operate in an environment that demands punctuality, gender equality, and excellent customer service. Vardagsfrid’s ambition is to provide all employees with the gift of Swedish experience, references from employers, and the security to take the next step in their lives to achieve their personal goals within or outside the company. Personal growth is beneficial for the employee, the company, and Sweden. It has not only brought success to individuals but also to the company itself, which, with its 150 employees, has been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year and recognized as one of Sweden’s fastest-growing Gazelle companies in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

The common thread among the various perspectives is spelled out as D E V E L O P M E N T, and personal development is incredibly important. In spring 2023, the management team has focused on the development of both the group and individuals using Capacio Talent’s service called TeamBrain. The entire management team has taken Capacio’s individual cognitive test, a digital test conducted directly on their mobile phones.

The test is based on leading brain research regarding our executive functions, and the tests are designed to measure and explain each individual’s dynamic capacity and function, both individually and in relation to the rest of the team.

“The entire management team has taken the test, and it’s definitely easier in a safe and well-functioning organization to dare to share one’s strengths and weaknesses with each other. I feel that we have a safe and trusting culture that allows us to work on our strengths and weaknesses together, which benefits the entire management team.”

This is the second time they have taken the cognitive test with their management team. Vardagsfrid’s HR Manager, Mattias Johansson, participated in the first round of testing and saw the great value it brought to the organization, which is why everyone now included in the management team took the test. This time, Vardagsfrid has also utilized Capacio’s recently launched service, TeamBrain.

“Already during the first time, I was very open about my profile. It resulted in an intervention from my management team. They were clear with me. ‘The test shows that there are things you find difficult and challenging, and therefore, you don’t perform them well. We agree. They drain your energy, but they give us energy. We perform them better and enjoy doing it, so it’s better for us to handle them.’ I felt such deep gratitude for being seen and supported. We carried this mindset with us. Everyone who took it last time is still here, and we have had this way of thinking since then.”

When Torkel describes their work methodology, it is a structured approach where they focus on continuous improvement and deviations every week. The lean methodology, combined with customization for each individual, involves staffing based on competence, workload, and the type of tasks, with cognitive abilities as the foundation. In addition to that, they have adapted their KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) so that they can measure the impact of the decisions they have made and enable everyone to work towards their goals and purpose, but most importantly, to develop to their full potential.

Torkel Kristoffers is a man with many strings to his bow. On his LinkedIn profile, Torkel presents himself as an entrepreneur, integration engine and job-creating environmental advocate, an image that is confirmed time and again during our conversation.

About TeamBrain:

The test is based on leading brain research regarding our executive functions, and the tests are designed to measure and explain each individual’s dynamic capacity and function, both individually and in relation to the rest of the team. The test results provide comprehensive discussion and decision-making support, revealing strengths and weaknesses, similarities and differences, and facilitating concrete insights about oneself and others. The test results also facilitate the creation of acceptance, understanding, dialogue, collaboration, and serve as a tangible basis for further work on the team’s ongoing development.

About Vardagsfrid:

Vardagsfrid delivers peace of mind to engaged individuals and high-performing organizations. This is achieved through inclusive job integration and societal benefit, where customers, the organization, and employees together create a workplace that breaks down cultural and language barriers. Vardagsfrid carries out thousands of cleaning assignments monthly in Stockholm, Uppsala, and Norrtälje. Their cleaning service is highly recommended on RECO.

Their office cleaning is environmentally certified (Svanenmärkt), and Vardagsfrid is an Authorized Service Company with ALMEGA. In 2018, 2017, and 2016, they were awarded DI Gazelle Company, and in 2015, Torkel Kristoffers was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Företagarna Sundbyberg. More information about Vardagsfrid’s home cleaning and Facility management services.

Leanmetodik i kombination med kognitiva styrkor och svagheter är framgångsreceptet för Vardagsfrid

Möt Vardagsfrids VD Torkel Kristoffers i en intervju om hållbart företagande som omfattar såväl rengöring med alkaliskt vatten som en hållbar personlig utveckling.

Vardagsfrids VD, Torkel Kristoffers, har en lång erfarenhet av att skapa tillväxt i en rad olika branscher. Ofta i bolag som vill driva förändring i sin bransch. Sedan 2012 fokusera han på att förändra städbranschen genom Vardagsfrid.

Förutom att vara ett städbolag i stark tillväxt och med en tydlig miljöprofil, så är Vardagsfrid ett integrationsprojekt med syfte att skapa goda förutsättningar för människor med olika bakgrunder samt nyanlända i Sverige att introduceras i det svenska samhället. För de flesta av deras medarbetare innebär det ett första schysst arbete i Sverige, där de får möjlighet att prata svenska, har en kollektivavtalad arbetsmiljö men även får verka i en miljö där det ställs krav på svensk tidspassning, jämställdhetstänk, kundservice. Vardagsfrids ambition är att ge alla medarbetare en gåva i form av svensk erfarenhet, referens från arbetsgivare och trygghet att ta nästa steg i livet för att nå sina personliga mål inom eller utanför bolaget. Att växa som människa är bra för den anställde, bolaget och Sverige. Det har inte bara skapat framgång för individen utan även för företaget som, med sina 150 medarbetare, bl a blivit utsedd till Årets Företagare och blivit utsett till ett av Sveriges snabbast växande Gasellföretag 2016, 2017 och 2018.

Den röda tråden i de många perspektiven stavas U T V E C K L I N G och där är den personliga utvecklingen otroligt viktig. Under våren 2023 så har ledningsgruppen haft fokus på gruppens och individens utveckling med hjälp av Capacio Talents tjänst Teamhjärnan. Hela ledningsgruppen har gjort Capacios individuella kognitionstest, som är ett digitalt test som genomförs direkt på mobiltelefonen.

Testet är baserat på världsledande hjärnforskning kring våra exekutiva förmågor i hjärnan och testerna är utformade för att mäta och förklara varje individs dynamiska kapacitet och funktion, både för individen och i relation till övriga i teamet.

”Det är hela ledningsgruppen som gjort testet och visst är det enklare i en trygg och välmående organisation att våga dela sina styrkor och svagheter med varandra. Jag upplever att vi har en trygg och tillitsfull kultur som gör att vi kan jobba med våra styrkor och svagheter tillsammans, vilket kommer hela ledningsgruppen till gagn.”

Det är andra gången de gör kognitionstestet med sin ledningsgrupp. Vardagsfrids HR-chef, Mattias Johanssson, deltog i den första testomgången och såg den stora nyttan för verksamheten för att alla som nu ingår i ledningsgruppen skulle ha gjort testet. Denna gång har Vardagsfrid dessutom gjort Capacios nyligen lanserade tjänst Teamhjärnan.

”Redan vid den första gången så var jag superöppen med min profil. Det resulterade i en intervention från min ledningsgrupp. De var tydliga med mig. ’Testet visar att det finns saker du för som du tycker är jobbiga och svåra och du gör dem därför inte bra. Vi håller med. För dig tar det energi men för oss ger det energi. Vi gör dem bättre och tycker det är kul, så det är bättre att vi gör dem.’ Jag kände en sådan djup tacksamhet över att bli sedd och stöttad. Det här tänket hade vi med oss. Alla som gjorde det förra gången är kvar och vi har haft det tankesättet med oss sedan dess.”

När Torkel beskriver deras arbetsmetodik så är det ett strukturerat arbete där de, varje vecka, jobbar med ständiga förbättringar och avvikelser. Leanmetodiken i kombination med en anpassning utifrån varje individ där t ex bemanning sker utifrån kompetens, arbetsbelastning och typ av uppgifter med de kognitiva förmågorna som grund. Utöver det så har de anpassat sina KPI-er så att de kan mäta effekten av de beslut som de tagit och få alla att jobba mot sina mål och sitt syfte men inte minst få utvecklas i sin fulla potential

Torkel Kristoffers är en man med många strängar på sin lyra. På sin LinkedInprofil så presenterar sig Torkel som entreprenör, integrationsmotor och jobbskapande miljöförespråkare, en bild som bekräftas gång på gång under vårt samtal.

Om Teamhjärnan

Testet är baserat på världsledande hjärnforskning kring våra exekutiva förmågor i hjärnan och testerna är utformade för att mäta och förklara varje individs dynamiska kapacitet och funktion, både för individen och i relation till övriga i teamet. Testresultatet blir ett omfattande diskussions- och beslutsunderlag som synliggör såväl styrkor som svagheter, likheter och skillnader och som öppnar för konkreta små och stora insikter om sig själv och varandra. Testresultatet underlättar även för att skapa en god acceptans och förståelse, dialog och samverkan och blir ett konkret underlag att arbeta vidare med kring teamets fortsatta utveckling.

Om Vardagsfrid

Vardagsfrid levererar bekymmersfrihet för engagerade medmänniskor och högpresterande organisationer. Detta görs genom inkluderande jobbintegration och samhällsnytta där kund, organisation och medarbetare tillsammans skapar en arbetsplats där kulturella och språkliga barriärer bryts ner. Vardagsfrid utför tusentals städuppdrag månatligen i Stockholm, Uppsala och Norrtälje. Städningen är välrekommenderat betygsatt på RECO

Kontorsstädningen är Svanenmärkt och Vardagsfrid är ett Auktoriserat Serviceföretag hos ALMEGA. Åren 2018, 2017 och 2016 utsågs dem till DI Gasellföretag och Torkel Kristoffers blev utsedd till Årets Företagare 2015 av Företagarna Sundbyberg.

Här hittar du mer om Vardagsfrids Hemstädning och Lokalvård

The Park Talks

Our CEO and Co-Founder at Capacio, Anders Norén recently had the opportunity to share our vision on The Park Talk, where we discussed how we’re tackling the global talent shortage head-on.

During the interview, we highlighted the crucial steps we’ve taken to fully digitalize our tool, designed to empower individuals, teams, and organizations to gain a deeper understanding of their brain capacities. With this knowledge, we enable them to leverage their strengths to the fullest and effectively compensate for any weaknesses they may have.

Introducing the Capacio cognition test – In just 45 minutes, this innovative assessment provides profound insights into yourself and others, allowing you to unlock your true potential.

Watch the interview now to learn more about our game-changing approach

If you’re curious to explore the world of Capacio and discover how we can help you thrive, reach out to us today! Our team is ready to assist you on your journey towards unlocking your full cognitive potential. [email protected]

Capacio and PlaymakerAI Initiate Collaboration to Create Unique Football Insights

Capacio and PlaymakerAI Initiate Collaboration to Create Unique Football Insights

Capacio and PlaymakerAI have entered into a partnership agreement, which entails integrating Capacio’s unique cognitive tests and profiling into PlaymakerAI’s service offerings. The collaboration enhances customer analysis through research-based digital tools, enabling profiling of entire teams as well as targeted individual profiling that improves understanding and prediction of performance.

Since its establishment in 2016, PlaymakerAI has been driving football analysis forward and has been instrumental in developing several widely accepted metrics for better performance prediction. Capacio, a Swedish company founded by researchers in cognitive science, has conducted world-leading research on the cognitive functions of football players. Together, we are taking a significant step forward, offering football stakeholders a deeper analysis. That not only explains performance but predicts it. This provides stakeholders in the football world with a sharper tool to understand the factors behind abilities and successful behavior, enabling them to optimize and tailor tactics, training, and recruitment. 

Capacio’s co-founders are leaders in brain research and were the first in the world to demonstrate the power and precision of evidence-based cognitive tests in understanding capacity, talent, and potential. They chose football, the world’s largest sport, precisely because of its inherent dynamics, and successfully predicted on-field performance with remarkable accuracy, garnering massive global media attention. For the first time, they were able to map and describe the brain functions required in football and many other sports, such as executive functions, which are key to understanding what game intelligence is. 

“In collaboration with Capacio, we can jointly analyze football data and cognition, thus creating unique and even more precise predictive indices for our customers. We look forward to developing football and, in the long run, other sports together,” says Daniel Setterwall, CEO of PlaymakerAI.

For sports directors, this collaboration provides an opportunity to enhance their understanding of a player’s strengths and potential, thereby strengthening their ability to maximize player performance and, consequently, team performance.

For coaches, it offers the opportunity for an improved individual coaching as well as better player matching and development, benefiting both the player and the team. The combination of data provides a  better understanding of a player’s natural strengths and weaknesses and how they relate to their respective roles on the field. Lastly, for players within a team, it offers the opportunity to see and understand their teammates’ strengths and weaknesses, thereby optimizing collaboration.

“With Capacio’s digital testing platform, we have made world-leading brain research available to measure cognitive capacity. Our vision is to democratize these tools so that anyone who loves football can better understand their profile and optimize their choices of position, training efforts, and more,” says Anders Norén, co-founder and CEO of Capacio. I also want to emphasize that regardless of the initial purpose of the testing, individuals will benefit from this deeper self-insight throughout their life journey, in various situations, positions, and conditions. As we often say, ‘Cognition is everything; without our brain, we are just a lump of flesh.’

Want to learn more about how analyzing the combination of football data and cognitive player data can provide unique football insights? Contact us! 

About Capacio

Swedish company Capacio was founded by some of the leading researchers in cognitive science, conducting world-leading research on the cognitive functions of football players, which has resulted, among other things, in the book [Brain ball]. Capacio has developed tests based on clinical research in cognitive science, which, in simple terms, focuses on understanding a person’s ability to do the right things at the right time and in the right place. These tests can be used independently or as a sharp and in-depth complement to other tools.


Anders Norén

CEO and Co-founder, Capacio

[email protected]

Cell: +46706 87 87 14 

About PlaymakerAI

PlaymakerAI was founded in 2016 with the goal of enabling clubs to utilize the methods that have achieved tremendous success, such as Brentford and FC Midtjylland. We aimed to take the highest level of football data analysis, further develop it, and make it useful for a range of stakeholders in football: coaches, sports directors, agents, and players. Our philosophy is based on reducing bias and evaluating performance more effectively by applying modern AI methods to large amounts of relevant data to consistently make better decisions over time.


Daniel Setterwall

CEO, Football Analytics Sweden AB / PlaymakerAI
[email protected]

Cell: +46 760 51 95 48

Capacio och PlaymakerAI inleder samarbete för att skapa unika fotbollsinsikter

Capacio och PlaymakerAI har ingått ett samarbetsavtal, som innebär att Capacios unika kognitiva tester och profileringar blir en integrerad del i PlaymakerAIs tjänsteutbud. Samarbetet stärker kundernas analyser med hjälp av forskningsgrundade digitala verktyg. Analysen möjliggör profilering av hela lag samt spetsig individuell profilering som förbättrar förståelsen och prediceringen av prestation.

PlaymakerAI har sedan sin start 2016 drivit utvecklingen av fotbollsanalys framåt och varit med och utvecklat flera av de mått som kommit att bli vedertagna för att bättre mäta prestation. Capacio är ett svenskt företag grundat av forskare inom kognitionsvetenskap som stått för världsledande forskning genom studier av kognitiva funktioner på fotbollsspelare. Tillsammans tar vi nu ett större kliv och erbjuder fotbollsaktörer en fördjupad analys för att förklara och förutsäga prestation i stället för att enbart mäta den. Aktörer i fotbollsvärlden får därmed ett skarpare verktyg att förstå vad som ligger bakom förmåga och framgångsrikt beteende och med hjälp av dessa verktyg kan de optimera och anpassa taktik, träning och rekrytering.

Capacios medgrundare är ledande inom hjärnforskning och var först i världen med att visa på kraften och precisionen i evidensbaserade kognitiva tester för att förstå kapacitet, talang och potential. De valde fotboll, världens största sport, just för dess inbyggda dynamik och lyckades förutsäga prestation på planen med mycket hög precision, vilket renderade i en massiv global medieuppmärksamhet. De hade för första gången lyckats kartlägga och beskriva de hjärnfunktioner som behövs i fotboll och i många andra idrotter, sk exekutiva funktioner, vilket är nyckeln till att förstå vad spelintelligens är.

Tillsammans med Capacio kan vi samanalysera fotbollsdata och kognition och därigenom skapa unika och ännu skarpare prediktiva index åt våra kunder. Vi ser fram emot att tillsammans utveckla fotbollen och i förlängningen även andra idrotter”, säger Daniel Setterwall, VD PlaymakerAI.

För sportchefer innebär detta samarbete en möjlighet att förbättra förståelsen av en spelares styrkor och potential, vilket stärker förmågan att maximera en spelares prestation och således lagets.

För tränare innebär det en möjlighet till mer individanpassad coachning samt matchning och utveckling av såväl spelaren som laget. Kombinationen av data innebär en möjlighet att bättre förstå vilka naturliga styrkor och svagheter en spelare har och hur de förhåller sig till respektive roll på plan. Slutligen innebär det för spelare i laget en möjlighet att se och förstå sina medspelares styrkor och svagheter och härigenom optimera samspelet.

”Med Capacios digitala testplattform har vi tillgängliggjort världsledande hjärnforskning för att mäta kognitiv kapacitet. Vår vision är att demokratisera dessa verktyg så att alla som älskar fotboll kan förstå sin profil bättre och optimera sina val av position, träningsinsats med mera, säger Anders Norén, medgrundare och VD på Capacio. Jag vill också understryka att oavsett det initiala syftet med testningen så kommer man ha nytta av denna djupare självinsikt under hela sin livsresa, i olika situationer, positioner och tillstånd. Som vi brukar säga: “Kognition är allt, utan vår hjärna är vi bara en köttklump”

Vill du veta mer om hur du med hjälp av analys av kombinationen av fotbollsdata och kognitiva spelardata kan erhålla unika fotbollsinsikter? Kontakta oss!  

Om Capacio

Svenska Capacio är grundat av några av de främsta forskarna inom kognitionsvetenskap som stått för världsledande forskning på kognitiva funktioner hos fotbollsspelare, vilket bland annat resulterat i boken [Hjärnboll]. Capacio har utvecklat tester som bygger på den kliniska forskningen inom kognitionsvetenskap, som enkelt förklarat handlar om att förstå en människas förmåga att göra rätt saker, vid rätt stund och på rätt plats. som kan användas fristående, som ett skarpt och fördjupande komplement till andra verktyg


Anders Norén

VD, Capacio

[email protected]

Telefon: 070-687 87 14

Om PlaymakerAI

PlaymakerAI grundades 2016 med målet att möjliggöra för klubbar att använda de metoder som tex Brentford och FC Midtjylland uppnått enorm framgång med. Vi ville ta den högsta nivån av dataanalys inom fotboll, utveckla den ytterligare och sedan göra den användbar för en rad olika intressenter som jobbar inom fotboll: tränare, sportchefer, agenter & spelare. Filosofin grundar sig i att minska partiskhet och utvärdera prestationer bättre genom att applicera moderna AI-metoder på stora mängder relevant data för att konsekvent fatta bättre beslut över tid.


Daniel Setterwall

VD, Football Analytics Sweden AB / PlaymakerAI
[email protected]

Telefon: 0760-519548

Capacio & Sigma Technology

Unikt samarbete mellan Capacio och Sigma Technology när avancerad dataanalys gifter sig med modern hjärnforskning.

 Capacio och Sigma Technology har inlett ett samarbete där avancerad dataanalys appliceras på modern hjärnforskning kring unika kognitiva beteendedata som förklarar hur vi människor kan fungera på ett dynamiskt och framgångsrikt sätt i föränderliga miljöer. Dessutom har samarbetet, i en tuff konkurrens bland ett stort antal sökande projekt, valts ut som ett av projekten som deltar i årets upplaga SAS Institutes globala Hackathon som pågår under perioden 15 mars till 12 april 2023. Vinnaren utses under en Awards Ceremony (prisutdelningen) den 1:a juni. Som deltagare får projektet stöd av mentor från SAS Institute i form av två data scientists med branschkunskap.

I den första fasen av projektet syftar projektet att försöka identifiera prediktiva index och beteendeprofiler som kan användas för att uppnå bättre matchningar mellan sökande och roll i jobbrekryteringar men även vid personlig utveckling av individer, team eller t o m hela organisationer. Den första fasen bygger på att en mängd kognitiva data korreleras sinsemellan och med bl a socioekonomiska data.  

Målsättningen med projektet är att digitalisera psykologprocessen, från mätning och profilering till återkoppling och omsättning i praktiken. Genom att tillämpa avancerad dataanalys och visualisering på kognitiv neurovetenskap och evidensbaserade mätverktyg vill Capacio bidra med djupare förståelse för individers dynamiska fungerande och medfödda, hittills osynliga förmågor, talanger och potential. Syftet är även att skapa lättbegripliga och användbara beteende- och prestationsprofiler som kan hjälpa företag, organisationer och rekryterare att få en skarpare prediktion, urval, matchning för teambygge, samverkan och ledarskap genom att identifiera rätt person för rätt plats med rätt förutsättningar, säger Anders Norén, VD Capacio. Vi är oerhört glada för samarbetet med Sigma Technology, där vi nu har fått en partner med en extremt stark förmåga inom avancerad dataanalys, vilket krävs för att vi ska kunna realisera vår målsättning.”

Vi är mycket stolta över att få samarbeta med Capacios unika team av forskningsexperter inom modern hjärnforskning kring kognitiva beteendedata. Tillsammans med vår expertis inom dataanalys och maskininlärningdriver vi tillsammans innovation och skapar ett unikt värde för kunder via en digital plattform för att förstå mänsklig förmåga, kapacitet, talang och potential. Kunderna får därmed en ökad förståelse för människobeteenden och kan vinna nya insikter om hur organisationer kan skapa välfungerande team. Vi är dessutom mycket glada att återigen fått möjligheten att ställa upp som deltagare i SAS Hackathon, nu i kategorin inom vård och life science där vi kan se hur innovativa teknologier kan skapa bättre hälsoförutsättningar, säger Robert Åberg, VD på Sigma Technology Insight Solutions.

Om Capacio

Capacio är ett techbolag inom life science. Bolagets affärsidé har sitt ursprung i världsledande forskning inom neuro science och ett vetenskapligt genombrott i att mäta och förklara kopplingen mellan kognition, beteende och prestation inom näringsliv, sport, utbildning, hälsa, försvar och andra områden. Via sin tekniska plattform och tjänsteapplikationer kan Capacio erbjuda forskningsresultatet i form av tester för såväl individ, team och hela organisationer. Bolaget är baserat i Stockholm

Om Sigma Technology Group och Sigma TechnologyInsight Solutions

Sigma Technology Insight Solutions är en växande leverantör av dataanalys och digitaliseringstjänster, inom t.ex. AI/ML, IoT, sensordata och visualiseringslösningar. Företagets datavetare och BI-experter har över 30 års yrkeserfarenhet av att hjälpa företag och organisationer testa nya produkter, införa nya affärsmodeller och introducera innovationer i kundernas verksamhet.

Sigma Technology Group är ett privatägt teknikkonsultföretag med verksamhet i Sverige, Ungern, Kina, Norge, Tyskland och Ukraina. Sigma erbjuder en idealisk kombination av branschövergripande expertis, ett hållbarhetsperspektiv på utveckling och en partnerskapsorienterad verksamhet. Bolaget fokuserar på att leverera mjukvaruutveckling, produktinformation, design och utveckling av inbyggda system, digitala lösningar och IT-infrastruktur med expertkonsulter, utvecklingsteam och offshoreleverans.


Anders Norén, VD Capacio
[email protected]
+46 70 687 87 14

Robert Åberg, VD Sigma Technology Insight Solutions
[email protected]
+46 70 670 52 51

Capacio is born – Game Intelligence taking a break

Capacio AB

Our logo symbolizes brain capacity, thoughts, and growth

Game Intelligence Sweden AB is changing its name to Capacio AB. After a period of focused product research & development, we are now entering a new phase. A phase characterized by sales, brand building, and marketing taking center stage, alongside the continued development of our modern tools. As a name, Capacio meets the criteria of being accessible, unique, and informative. As well as being a neutral blank slate onto which we can engrave our unique knowledge, content, and stories.

Our tests measure cognitive capacity, i.e., innate/inherent ability, with a strong connection to talent and potential. Capacio means capacity in Greek (“Even the ancient Greeks”).

The graphic symbol represents a stylized brain – after all, our brains are the birthplace of all activities and ideas. The soft shapes signal that we care about and are careful with our users and their privacy when managing data and displaying test results. We measure many thought processes, which is why it also resembles a thought bubble. Finally, it has the shape of a mushroom – a good and nutritious veggie – which reflects our growth goal to democratize and spread the tools. It also acts as a metaphor for how we want users to keep sprouting from the ground.

Game Intelligence takes a break

The Game Intelligence brand is taking a bit of a breather but will be revived as a product concept involving sports where the term is well established. Capacio Game Intelligence.

New Corporate Webpage

A name change is a momentous occasion that calls for a fancy celebration. We’re throwing a party for Capacio in the form of a new website: Our goal is to create a living, breathing site with an evergreen resource tab (blog) that provides insightful educational information, helping us to drive interested traffic that wants to come back after reading. Make sure you get the latest news on cognition, behavior, testing, use cases, and VIP offers by signing up for our newsletter.

The corporate page includes the full offer ranging from integration (API), standalone SaaS services, and strategic partnership. It also makes visible several existing and/or feasible use cases.

New Corporate Webpage

Cognitive Tribe

The Cognitive Tribe

A podcast initiative by Capacio

“The Cognitive Tribe” is the brainchild of Capacio CEO & co-founder Anders Norén, and former school leader of the year, Hans Jakobsson. The idea is to explore the power of cognition in an informative, fun, and personal way by talking to leading experts in the area as well as interesting people with a brain and an interest in cognition.. Our motto is “Without our brains, we are just a piece of meat.”

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Capacio Talent

Retooling the missing piece in talent acquisition

Capacio Talent

Our SaaS service for sharper talent acquisition is being renamed Capacio talent. We are currently onboarding early customers that want to be at the forefront of assessment, employer branding, and understanding of talents’ potential.

Visit Capacio Talent

Unique assessment with an attractive business model

The service is built to handle both volume testing and sharp analysis on an individual level. The business model offers a free trial, free unlimited testing, and pay-per-view at attractive prices. At this stage, training and support are included, and unique cognitive expert advisory can be added for an extra cost.

Capacio Talent’s new features

With the relaunch comes a suite of new features that you can learn more about in our latest release notes.

Free trial

Anyone can sign up and try the tool. Book a time with our customer success to walk through the tool and the result.

Try It Now
Enhanced Cognitive Report

Clearer explanation of results.

Expert Advisory Booking

People are dynamic and complex. Talking to an expert adds several layers of information and facilitates decision making.

Enhanced Personality++ Report

Easier to interpret. Includes empathy, social style, impulsivity and emotional regulation.

More User-Friendly Customer Portal

Faster and easier to use than ever before.

New Requirement Specification for Mapping Cognition and Assignment

Helping users to relate and interpret the result.

Updated Age-Norm

Enhanced normal distribution and age-adapted results.

Coming Up

A Cognitive Team Application

Adding unique and valuable insights into team functioning. In terms of cognition, behavior and performance. Strengths and weaknesses in relation to targets and challenges. Awareness of oneself and other’s ability and capacity and much more. Keep an eye out and give us a call if you want to be an early adopter.

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