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Game Intelligence (GI) is the collective name for standardized assessments based on cognitive neurosci­ence and neuropsychology. The term delivers the promise of being at the right place, doing the right thing at the right time – independently of context. In our case, also with the right awareness, understanding and support. But what exactly is it what we do and why is it called “Game Intelligence”?

We provide cognitive testing, training, consulting, coaching and R&D. Based on cutting-edge brain science. Both as a consulting service based on face-to-face testing by certified neuropsychologists and as online testing, mainly for recruiting, screening and indicative cognitive profiling. The tools and testing that we offer measure executive functions such as attention, memory, creativity and cognitive flexibility; innate abilities that regulate the brain’s information processing, thoughts, and emotions. They are the underlying factors that explain much of our behaviors and performance. That way, we help individuals, leaders, teams and organizations to better understand their abilities and overall cognitive capacity – the foundation of behavior and performance.

We assess cognitive capacity and profiles to help individuals, teams and organizations to understands how their profiles translate to functional behavior and increased performance in relation to their position, situation and state.

All of this packaged together is what makes us unique, we TEST individuals and help businesses to INTERPRET and APPLY assessments of employees and managers to develop behavior, optimize team compositions and increase performance. This is done through increased self-awareness and understanding of others, which leads to enhanced leadership and teamwork ultimately increasing organizational efficiency.

Our model „game analysis“ measures, explains and reflects the brain’s information processing in four dimensions. First, on the right side of the model stand the very fast, milliseconds „here-and-now“ abilities such as attention, scanning, process speed etc., while the left part of the model addresses the more complex thinking or „higher executive functions”. It is generally composed of …

1) Gather & Process

2) Active Sketchpad

3) Master Control

4) Execute

… and the key ingredient of analysis from these dimensions: cognitive capacity and intelligence.

  • Testing configuration and distribution
  • Mass testing
  • Campaign handling
  • Testing configuration and distribution
  • Mass testing
  • Campaign handling

Our tests are standardized and normalized against the world population and therefore enjoy high validity. The result is translated into meaningful advice and can be flexibly adjusted to different situations and environments. Additionally, the outcome can function as an optimal base for training and coaching aimed at helping customers to develop optimizing and compensating strategies to succeed in businesses, sports, schools, R&D, dating, gaming and more.

Professional as well as personal lives require more or less interaction and ability to constantly and flexibly adapt to a changing environment, which is particularly certain in today’s fast moving and interconnected world. This ability is exactly what we measure. Cognitive or executive capacity is highly individual. While today’s existing assessment tools and personality tests are descriptive, nicely presented and widely used, they oversimplify and do not explain the underlying factors to behavior and performance. Yet, this is what is needed to build on people’s strengths, improve their weaknesses and assess how they will behave in different contexts.

Game Intelligence, however, has figured out exactly this! Don’t believe it? Convince yourself and send us an e-mail for more information or contact us for your personal assessment.