Deep Level Evaluation of the Founder’s executive abilities before investing

Evaluating founders and the management teams is crucial in the Due Diligence process. Most investors agree that the driving force behind a company’s success lies in the strength and abilities of the founding team.

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NeuroCognitive Performance test adds crucial insights when evaluating founders

To understand if a founder has what it takes to succeed across different tasks and contexts, you must assess their executive capacity with NeuroCognitive Performance Tests, which means understanding the executive functioning of the individual.

The Digital assessments based on Cognitive Neuroscience are the missing piece in evaluating founders, teams, talents, and any activity involving people or organizations.

How do VC and investors perform Due Diligence of Founders?

Top VC funds/companies have different methods and strategies for assessing the founders. The evaluation is often a mix of observations, interviews, and traditional psychological tests. Some more advanced VCs work with organizational psychologists.

Why traditional psychological test lack precision?

Traditional psychological testing is mainly built upon personality questionnaires and logic tests. Capturing an individual’s subjective view of herself. And a small part of cognition testing the ability to solve one kind of problem in an unchanged environment. Research shows that traditional tests have a measurement precision of about 20 – 50%. Read the latest meta study on validity in personnel selection by Sackett, P. R., Zhang, C., Berry, C. M., & Lievens, F. (2021).

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Improve your predictive power of individuals and teams.

Enhance your insights and predictive power by combining your current methods of evaluating founders with Cognitive Neuroscience. It gives a sharper, more precise base for insights into the due diligence process. It will give you a 30 % higher precision than with current assessments.

Cognitive Neuroscience is how the brain’s information processing generates thoughts, feelings, and a basis for decision-making.

This decides how people perform and function in specific tasks and environments. NeuroCognitive Performance tests has a precision of 70% – 90% in measuring cognitive capacity, according to multiple studies  over time. (MSU, Bird et al 2003, Williams et al 2005, Lemay et al 2010, Wechsler 2008)

Capacio Talent

Retooling the missing piece in the Due Diligence process

The First NeuroCognitive Performance Test for investors and VC funds.

Capacio’s digital assessment measure the capacity of crucial cognitive abilities introducing time pressure and complexity levels in various tasks and problems that constantly change. Just like reality. They also tell us about the performance patterns in various day-to-day activities.

Capacio is an evidence-based brain assessment with data-driven AI tools and backed by leading cognitive and behavioral experts. The HR teams at HM, Volvo, and Klarna use it to help them more precisely understand the capabilities, talents, and potential of their candidates and employees.

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Capacio Talent´s Features

Mobile NeuroCognitive performance tests

Finish the eight test in either a single 45-minute session or four separate 10-minute rounds.

Individual playlist for self development

A full profile report includes all available results. Personalized video tutorial for both user and candidate

User-Friendly Assessment Portal

Dashboard – Aggregated view of all tested individuals, Easy to sort, filter and match. Easy to share reports.

Enhanced Personality++ Test

Easier to interpret. Includes empathy, social style, impulsivity and emotional regulation.

Free trial

Anyone can sign up and try the tool. Book a time with our customer success to walk through the tool and the result.

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SaaS Plattform

Faster and easier to use than ever before. Select assissments based on your needs. Flexible price model.

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Expert Advisory

People are dynamic and complex. An expert adds several layers of information and facilitates decision making.

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Coming Up

A Cognitive Team Application

Adding unique and valuable insights into team functioning. In terms of cognition, behavior and performance. Strengths and weaknesses in relation to targets and challenges. Awareness of oneself and other’s ability and capacity and much more. Keep an eye out and give us a call if you want to be an early adopter.

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Cognitive Tribe

The Cognitive Tribe

A podcast initiative by Capacio

“The Cognitive Tribe” is the brainchild of Capacio CEO & co-founder Anders Norén, and former school leader of the year, Hans Jakobsson. The idea is to explore the power of cognition in an informative, fun, and personal way by talking to leading experts in the area as well as interesting people with a brain and an interest in cognition.. Our motto is “Without our brains, we are just a piece of meat.”

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